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Videos from past Picnics..

March 11th 2016

Kate Lush “Little by Little
Hannah Matysek “In the Middle of the Night” 

February 12th 2016
Kent Eastwood “Coney Island”
The Wheeze and Suck Band “Johnny in the Morning”

January 15th 2016
Josh Overett “Oh Caroline”
Josh Overett “Follow Me Down”
Scott Cook “This One’s on the House” 
Scott Cook “Further Down The Line”
Brett Winterford “Bell-Shaped Window” 

December 11th 2015
Sonny French with Camille and Stuie “Home” 

October 9th 2015
Rainee Lyleson “I Get Caught Up”
Phil Davidson and Mark Shelley “People Get Ready” 
Phil Davidson and Mark Shelley “A Thousand Sleepless Nights”
Revolution Incorporated “Haven’t You Heard” 

Sept 11th 2015
Emad Younan with Jess Randall “Blowfly”
Danielle Deckard with Paul Dougherty “Haunted” 

August 14 2015
Caitlin Harnett “We Were Fine”
Amber Lawrence “Honeysuckle”
The Green Mohair Suits “Aubergine”

July 10 2015
Darby “Untitled”
Genevieve Chadwick “Weigh Me Down”
Luke Escombe and the Corporation “iMan”

June 12 2015

Ella Freestone – “The Sea”
Lyn Bowtell – “Beautiful Liar”
Kevin Bennett with Glen Hannah – “Careful”
Kevin Bennett with Glen Hannah – “The River” 

April 10 2015

Karl Broadie “Hope is a Thief” 

March 13 2015
AKoVa “Feelin It” 
Genevieve Chadwick “Alright + Smell the Rain”
The April Maze “Sparks”

Jan 16 2015
Chris Allan – “Drowning Season” 

Nov 14 2014
Braden Evans “Cuts To The Bone”
The Acfields “Keep Me Apart”
Carpe Idiotus – “The French Mime”

Oct 10 2014
Stephanie Grace “Unplug Yourself”
IRIS “Where You Begin”
The Swinging Sixties “Saw Her Standing There” 

Sept 12th 2014
Zoe Elliot with Lincoln Smith “Precipitate”
Amy Vee “Heart Shaped Space”
The G.Nunan Band “Million Dollar Man” 

August 8th 2014
Katie Brianna “Birmingham”
Rita Satch – “Love You Like I Do”
Revolution Incorporated “This Love”
Revolution Incorporated “Could You Be Loved” 

July 11th 2014
Alfie Wall – Lullaby
James Englund – “Bella”
James Englund – “Sleep Demons”
Jan Preston – “Keeper of the 88’s”

June 13th 2014
Taelor Jane “The Games”
Nick Green “She Runs Alone”

The Acfields “The Years”
Mark Lucas and the Dead Setters “Your Sweet Thing Aint Sweet” 

May 9th 2014
Stephanie Grace “The Fear” 

May 9th 2014
The Germein Sisters with Bryce Wastney “Da Da Doo” 

Feb 14th 2014
Grimick – “Dust from Stars” 

Jan 10th 2014
Emily Harrison “Undone” 
Lauren Wheatley “Summer Love”
Matt Cornell “Cry to the Moon” 

13th Dec 2013
Karl Broadie “Home by the River” 
The Gold Project “Returning”
Braden Evans and the Red Rattlers “Find Myself Lost” 

8th Nov 2013
Jenny Biddle “A Village by the Sea” 
Dave Blennerhassett – “Happiness” 

11th Oct 2013
Doggn it “Living in a Cooling Hell”
The Art of Grace “Satellite” Luke Escombe “Easter Roo” 
Luke Escombe “Thirty Year Old Woman” 

13th Sept 2013
Mark Shelly and Phil Davidson “Wondering Where The Lions Are” 
Mark Shelly and Phil Davidson “Mercury Blues”
Arbori – With a View of the Fair